Individuals with disabilities are extremely unrepresented in the legal field, especially when it comes to defending the rights of those with disabilities. A 2020 national survey conducted by The Vault and Minority Corporate Counsel Association reported that less than one percent of attorneys practicing law identified themselves as having a disability. Increased attention must be paid to the recruitment and support of law school students with disabilities in order to improve the hiring and retention of attorneys with disabilities. Are you a good candidate to respond to this timely call to action?  This interview on this page of the Disability Justice Resource Center provides guidance for anyone with a disability interested in attending law school and provides the insight to help you follow your heart to help those in sear ch of justice.

Anthony Niedwiecki is President and Dean, Mitchell Hamline School of Law.

What is your experience in disability law?

What should prospective students consider about law school?

Are there any special considerations for applicants with disabilities?

What does law school teach about Disability Law?

What kind of jobs are there for students interested in disability law?